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Because science doesn’t speak for itself, infodemiology can help.

Infodemiology Can Help

Infodemiology refers to the combination of epidemiological surveillance practices and good communication. Critica trains interested parties in these skills so they can learn to counteract misinformation online and in real life. Below you’ll find some of Critica’s own training materials and links to other resources that infodemiologists may find useful. To learn more about our studies, follow the button below.

Our Studies

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Critica provides training to healthcare organizations, public health organizations, educators, health departments, and clinicians to enhance stakeholder engagement with reliable information.


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Health Communication

To improve health communication, our theoretical foundation, methodology, and intervention outcomes have been the subject of various peer-reviewed papers published by our team.

Health Communication

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Critica’s work includes a crucial aspect of instilling trust in safe and effective vaccines. In order to enhance vaccine communication, we offer helpful resources which you can view by following the button below.


Work with Critica

Contact us if you are interested in having Critica work with you to develop a training for your institution.

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