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Our Team

Members of the Critica team have vast expertise and experience in a wide range of social, biological, and psychological science fields.

Sara Gorman


Sara Gorman, PhD, MPH (CEO) is a public health and behavioral science expert who has published two books with Oxford University Press on science denial and misinformation. Her work has been featured in a wide array of media outlets, including the BBC, NPR, New York Magazine, Science, Scientific American and The New Yorker, among others.

Jack Gorman

MD (President and Chair)

Jack Gorman, MD (President and Chair) is a co-founder of Critica, along with Sara Gorman. Dr. Gorman was an academic psychiatrist and neuroscientist for nearly 40 years. He is co-editor of the textbooks Treatments that Work, now in its fourth edition, and Comprehensive Textbook of AIDS Psychiatry, with its second edition now in preparation, and author of the popular book The Essential Guide to Psychiatric Drugs, which appeared in its fourth edition in 2007.

David Scales

MPhil, MD, PhD (Chief Medical Officer)

David Scales, MPhil, MD, PhD (Chief Medical Officer) is a sociologist and physician at Weill Cornell Medicine/New York-Presbyterian Hospital. David’s clinical interests focus on providing care to the immigrants and refugees, both in the U.S. and in the Middle East. With a certificate in medical interpreting in Levantine colloquial Arabic, David’s writing has focused on medical communication – in the doctor-patient relationship, between healthcare providers, and to the general public. He has written for Aeon, Undark, Columbia Journalism Review, MedPage Today, and was a special correspondent for WBUR’s CommonHealth.

Cindy Goldstein

Esq., CPA (Chief Financial Officer)

Cindy Goldstein, Esq., CPA (Chief Financial Officer) is a tax attorney and CPA in private practice. She specializes in working with individual clients in order to provide tax planning and support with decision-making.  She is an active volunteer in her community and helped establish a local food pantry, was on the board of an affordable housing non-profit and provides pro bono tax/financial services for underserved individuals.

Peter DiCaprio

EdD (Director of Education)

Peter DiCaprio, EdD (Director of Education) has 20 years of experience helping organizations enhance profitability and social equity through coaching, organizational development, and training. He works and has worked with a wide variety of organizations including: Apple Inc., American Airlines, Nestlé, Boeing, and ESPN, to name a few. He holds a doctorate in organizational learning from Columbia University.

Boghuma Kabisen Titanji

MD, MSc., DTM&H, PhD (Chief Scientific Advisor)

Boghuma Kabisen Titanji, MD, MSc., DTM&H, PhD (Chief Scientific Advisor) is a Cameroonian born physician-scientist and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Emory University in Atlanta. She has three parallel career interests: translational and clinical research in HIV and emerging virus infections, science communication, and global health. Her clinical focus is general infectious diseases and people with HIV. Her current research focuses on chronic inflammation as a mediator of cardiovascular disease in people with HIV. She is passionate about leveraging translational research to improve the care of people with HIV, global health equity, and using science to influence health policy through science communication and advocacy.